Using CBD Massage Oil: Top Tips For First-Timers

Posted on: 20 June 2023


CBD massage oil can be a wonderful addition to your massage routine. CBD absorbs readily through the skin and can help ease pain, calm anxiety and stress, and reduce muscle soreness. There are many great CBD massage oils on the market — some with other scents or essential oils added for character. Regardless of the exact oil you choose, here are some tips to follow when you use it for the first time.

Start with clean skin

If the person receiving the massage has applied sunscreen or another lotion that day, you'll want them to shower and wash their skin prior to their massage. CBD oil absorbs best into clean skin. Something like sunscreen might reduce the amount that gets absorbed, making the CBD less effective. Plus, showering before the massage gives the warm water a chance to open up the pores and soften the skin, which will do even more to increase the absorption of CBD.

Warm the oil up slowly

Apply a small amount of the massage oil to the skin, and start with big, sweeping strokes. This will help warm up the skin and the massage oil, which will loosen the texture of the massage oil to give you more "slip." Once the oil is slippery, you will have an easier time performing more intricate massage strokes. Plus, the warmth generated from the longer strokes helps encourage the CBD to start entering the skin so the recipient of the massage starts feeling its soothing, soreness-relieving effects sooner.

Check the bottle for use recommendations

Different massage oils contain different concentrations of CBD. For example, one oil might contain 20 mg CBD per pump, while another contains 10 mg CBD per pump. As such, most bottles will offer some guidance as to how much you should use. Look for and adhere to this guidance. While using more CBD than recommended is not really dangerous, it can make one overly sleepy and tired. Consider using less CBD massage oil for morning massages and a little more for evening massages when you know the recipient will be going to bed soon. 

With the tips above, you should have good results when using CBD massage oil. It can be a lovely product to try for the relief of muscle tension, joint pain, and other discomfort. Don't hesitate to try a few different brands of CBD massage oil until you find one you really love. For more information on CBD massage oil, contact a professional near you.