• Want To Get Your Body Ready For Summer? 2 Tips To Help You Lose Weight

    It is common to put on a few pounds over the winter months, especially during the holidays. It is also cold outside which makes it more difficult to exercise. If this has happened to you and you want to lose the weight to get your body ready for those summer shorts and bathing suits, below are three tips to help you do this so you will be ready. Emotional Freedom Technique
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  • 4 Tips To Help You Prevent A UTI

    Urinary tract infections are an issue commonly faced by many women. Women are more prone to catching UTIs due to their shorter urinary tracts. When left untreated, a UTI can lead to a kidney infection that can cause significant organ damage or even death. Here are four tips that can help you prevent urinary tract infections. 1. Drink lots of water. Keeping yourself well-hydrated can help you prevent UTIs. This is because when you're hydrated, you naturally urinate more frequently, which can push harmful bacteria out of your body.
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  • Three Benefits of Taking a CBD Tincture Sublingually

    A visit to your local recreational cannabis dispensary will open the door to a wide range of products that you can use in different ways. If you are not looking for a psychoactive product, focus your attention on CBD products. They're effective for pain management and come in a variety of forms. One type of CBD product that you will frequently come across is a CBD tincture—meaning that the cannabis is mixed with alcohol into a product that is commonly sold in a small bottle with a dropper.
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