Consider Acupuncture For These Pet Ailments

Posted on: 26 October 2022


When your pet is suffering from an ailment, it's important to know the many different approaches that you can take. One option is to consider the traditional option of acupuncture. Perhaps you've had acupuncture yourself in the past or have a friend or family member who has had success with it. Regardless, this form of treatment can be effective for pets. Your local veterinarian clinic may have someone on staff — possibly even the veterinarian themselves — who can offer pet acupuncture. Here are some ailments for which acupuncture can have a positive effect.


It's difficult to see your pet struggle with the symptoms of arthritis, which can include joint stiffness and pain that affect the animal's mobility and quality of life. While some forms of medication may alleviate the discomfort to some degree, you might be eager to try a traditional form of treatment that doesn't lead to side effects. Just like with humans, acupuncture can be a viable form of treatment for arthritis. Regular sessions for your pet may result in you noticing that it is able to move with less stiffness.

Digestive Issues

Pets can suffer from all sorts of different digestive issues. Often, you'll be aware of the pet's chronic diarrhea or constipation, either of which can be a warning sign that something is amiss with the animal's digestive tract. Depending on what specific digestive issue your pet is dealing with, you may want to explore acupuncture as a potential solution. The acupuncture specialist at your local veterinary clinic will likely want to give your pet a few sessions while you monitor what changes occur between the sessions. For example, if your dog has frequent diarrhea, you may find that its bowel function begins to be more normal.


Like humans, pets can suffer from various allergies, including some allergies that come on later in life. Allergy symptoms can vary depending on the allergy, but you may find that your pet has itchy skin when it eats something to which it has an allergy, for example. Your veterinarian will have likely performed testing to determine your pet's specific allergies and may recommend acupuncture as a way to deal with their symptoms. Successful acupuncture treatments can dramatically reduce the animal's allergic symptoms. For example, when it accidentally consumes a problematic type of food in the future, it may not have to deal with intense skin itchiness. Contact your local vet clinic to inquire about pet acupuncture.

For more information on pet acupuncture, contact a professional near you.