Should You Try Reiki For Depression?

Posted on: 19 July 2022


Depression can be a challenging mental illness to battle. Just when you think you've kicked it to the curb, it comes creeping in again. There are lots of ways to manage and treat depression, but it is really important to explore options that work for you, specifically. One option to look into is Reiki healing, an energy healing practice that originated in Japan and has recently spread throughout the rest of the world. Here are some questions people often have prior to trying Reiki for depression. 

Should you stop taking your antidepressant medications first?

No. Do not stop taking your antidepressants, or any medications for that matter, without first consulting your doctor. Some patients do ultimately find that once their depression is under control thanks to Reiki, they can stop their medication or lower their dose. Others, however, find that Reiki works best in conjunction with medications. Also, Reiki can take a few sessions to have an effect. You would not want to stop your medication and then be left untreated for weeks when you're just getting into Reiki.

Is Reiki a religious practice?

Some people are resistant to try Reiki for depression because they think it's akin to joining a religion or adopting a new form of spirituality. But this is not what Reiki is. Reiki does not require you to subscribe to any particular belief system. People of many different religions and those who don't belong to any religion use Reiki. The focus of Reiki is on moving energy through your body and relying on the healer to manipulate that energy in a way that heals. Reiki does not call on any spirits or make claims about a god.

How long will you need to go?

People who find Reiki helpful in managing depression often continue going for years, or for the rest of their lives. This is because Reiki is both a healing and a preventative mechanism for depression. After a few sessions, you should be feeling better, and you can go to Reiki less frequently. However, continuing to work with your Reiki healer every now and then can help prevent you from beginning to feel depressed again.

Reiki healing is a broadly used energy healing practice that is good not only for managing depression but also for encouraging good overall mental health. Schedule a session soon, and see how it goes. You may get more relief than you expect.

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