Herbal And Natural Remedies For A Gout Attack

Posted on: 14 June 2022


Gout is a disease in which your body does not process uric acid properly, and it begins to crystallize in the joints. Usually, gout can be fairly well managed with diet. But sometimes, patients may have a gout attack in spite of following the recommended dietary protocols. When this happens, the following herbal medicines and remedies can be helpful.


Turmeric is widely known for its pain-relieving properties and its ability to reduce inflammation. While it won't directly remove the uric acid from your joints, it can help with the symptoms that arise from the uric acid. For example, it will help reduce the inflammation resulting from the crystals, which should help your joints throb less and be less painful. It can also help directly relieve the pain. You can find turmeric capsules at most health food stores and even at some pharmacies, thanks to its popularity and effectiveness.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is thought to change the pH of the tissues in a way that encourages the uric acid crystals to dissipate faster. To get these benefits, you do need to take good quality apple cider vinegar. Look for a brand that is cloudy; this is a sign it's better quality and is made with real apples. Drink a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar each day when you're having a gout attack. Some people like to mix theirs into sparkling water and add a little lemon juice to make it taste better.

Sour Cherry Juice

Sour cherries are said to be good for gout. They contain a substance that helps your body break down the uric acid crystals. If you can find sour cherries near you, eating a handful a day is a good approach. But usually, it is easier to find sour cherry juice. It's sold at many stores, sometimes in the cocktail aisle as it is an ingredient in some mixed drinks. Enjoy a few tablespoons per day, or make yourself a refreshing drink with sour cherry juice, some sparkling water, and maybe a splash of apple juice for sweetness. This is a tasty gout remedy, for sure.

If you are dealing with a gout attack, definitely turn to these remedies to clear things up faster. All three of these remedies involve foods that are readily available, safe to consume, and quite beneficial. You can use one of these remedies, or you can try them all. For more information on herbal medicine, contact a natural health care professional.