Signs You Need Acupuncture Treatment

Posted on: 14 December 2021


Acupuncture is a technique from traditional Chinese medicine that entails inserting thin needles in specific body parts. This technique helps balance the energy (chi) in your body to improve your overall wellness. Also, acupuncture helps relieve body pain. While you may need acupuncture, you may not know when to get the treatment. Here are signs that you require acupuncture treatment.

Mood Swings

If you're experiencing inexplicable mood swings, there may be hormonal changes in your body. Sometimes, extremely low mood swings may be due to depression. Getting frequent acupuncture treatment triggers your brain's neurotransmitters to release the correct hormones in the right amounts. In return, you feel happier without experiencing the possible side effects of prescription medication.

Fertility Problems

You may be having fertility issues that prevent you from conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term. There may be different causes of infertility, including hormonal imbalances. Such problems may lead you to have irregular periods contributing to your infertility issues. Fortunately, acupuncture helps boost your body energy and relieves your body of stress for a more regular cycle. Also, maintaining positive body energy improves your fertility.

Sleep Deprivation

Lack of enough sleep can cause fatigue that negatively affects your work performance and social interactions. Insomnia may occur due to mental stress, preventing the production of sleep-inducing hormones such as melatonin. Instead of taking sleeping pills that may have side effects, acupuncture can help induce melatonin production. This way, you can enjoy healthier sleep cycles.

Back and Joint Pain

Back or joint pains may occur due to injury or existing medical conditions such as arthritis. The pains interfere with the quality of your life, and you need treatment. You may consider physiotherapy or pain medication, but the pain may be persistent. In such cases, acupuncture can help. Inserting thin needles in the pain-filled areas can help with pain relief.


Allergies occur when your body reacts to allergens such as pollen, dust, or pet dander. The symptoms include sneezing, eye reddening, running nose, and body inflammation. While antihistamines can help contain allergic reactions, sometimes they act slowly. Acupuncture provides a fast and more effective allergy prevention solution by ensuring that your immune system fights the allergies.


You may be having panic attacks due to being overanxious all the time. Sometimes, counseling and medication may not help you deal with anxiety effectively. Acupuncture helps achieve a balance of body energy, which helps reduce anxiety and stress.

The common signs that you need acupuncture include allergies, anxiety, fertility problems, mood swings, sleep deprivation, and back pain. Consider visiting a center like Acupuncture Medical Center for more information.