Flower Strains To Consider If You Like The Effects Of CBG

Posted on: 19 May 2021


CBD has been the talk of the town and has been the cannabinoid that gets all of the attention for a long while. But there's a new kid on the cannabinoid block, and people are quickly catching on. The "new kid" is called CBG. It has been found in hemp flower all this time, of course, but its distinct benefits are just beginning to be recognized more widely. Most flower strains contain a little CBG, but if you've found that you like this cannabinoid — or you want to experiment a little and see how it affects you — then you may want to look for one of the following strains, which are know to be higher-than-average in CBG.

White Whale

White whale is a hemp strain that is named mostly for the color of its flowers. They care covered in nearly white trichomes. The flowers are also quite large — although not exactly whale sized. This is definitely an attractive strain, and therefore a good choice if you care about aesthetics. It has a light flavor with hints of citrus, which make it a good choice for new users and those with sensitive throats. Like all high-CBG flower, it should be helpful for fighting insomnia, anxiety, and any disease related to inflammation.

John Snow

Named after a character in Game of Thrones, this flower strain is a fun one to smoke — but its effects are as serious as ever! This tends to be one of the highest-CBG strains out there, provided it is grown under good conditions. So, if you're not sure whether CBG does it for you, try this one. You'll soon know.

John Snow has medium-sized buds covered with a snow-like dusting of white trichomes. It comes from indica genetics, so it tends to be very relaxing with a good couch-lock effect.

Frosted Cake

You've probably heard of the ever-popular strain Girl Scout Cookies. Derived from that strain is Frosted Cake, a high-CBG strain that has the same balanced effects as Girl Scout Cookies, but with an extra layer of benefits from its high CBG strain. Frosted Cake is noted for its sweet, berry-like flavor and mild smoke. It is a good choice for daytime use and tends to be less sleep-inducing than other high-CBG strains.

Whether you're looking for a really sleepy strain that will bring you into deep relaxation or something a bit lighter, there is a high-CBG strain out there for you. Try one of these three top contenders, and enjoy. Contact a company that sells CBG flower products to learn more.