Why Use A CBD Hair Conditioner?

Posted on: 27 August 2020


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural component found in hemp plants. While CBD is widely documented as a helpful oral supplement, it also has cosmetic benefits. CBD makes an excellent additive to hair care products, such as hair conditioner. Here are four reasons to treat your hair to a CBD hair conditioner:

1. Prevent hair breakage.

Healthy hair is strong and flexible. Dry, damaged hair is brittle and prone to breakage. There are ways you can protect your hair from the friction that causes breakage; avoiding hair ties with metal components and brushing your hair gently are two things that can help. However, the number one way to prevent breakage is to nourish your hair. CBD hair conditioner provides all the moisture that dry hair needs. You can use CBD conditioner when you shampoo your hair to replenish lost moisture.

2. Ease headaches.

Headaches can have medical causes, but tension headaches may be the most common variety. Tension headaches often occur due to stress, which can make you unconsciously tighten muscles in your head and neck, leading to pain. Ibuprofen is a common treatment for tension headaches, but doctors caution against the overuse of NSAIDs due to possible side effects. In place of pain relievers, CBD can be used topically to help sooth these headaches. Regular use of a CBD conditioner can help fight the effects of chronic headaches, offering a non-pharmaceutical solution.

3. Treat your hair with all-natural ingredients.

Some people choose to avoid certain chemicals in their hair care products. Sulfates are commonly added to shampoo, but this chemical can dry out your hair, making it even more fragile. Silicone is a common ingredient in many traditional conditioners, but over time, silicone can coat the hair, leading to unwanted buildup. Choosing products made from all-natural ingredients will allow you to avoid ingredients that can damage your hair. Many types of CBD hair conditioner are infused with argan oil, a nourishing plant oil that will treat and strengthen your hair naturally.

4. Promote hair growth.

Long, beautiful hair is luxurious and glamorous. Growing out your hair can be a slow process, but the right products can help. Use CBD hair conditioner to promote hair growth. In addition to preventing breakage, CBD conditioner can stimulate your scalp. When conditioning your hair, work a small amount of conditioner into the roots of your hair. Massage your scalp to promote blood flow, which will help your hair to grow. Allow the conditioner to soak into your hair and scalp for a few minutes before rinsing it out.

For more information on how CBD hair conditioner can help promote healthy, beautiful hair, talk to a natural health store near you.