Chinese Herbs For Weight Loss

Posted on: 27 January 2020


The Chinese have long used herbs to treat various health conditions and ailments. If you are looking for a more natural approach to weight loss, then you may want to explore the options utilized in Chinese traditions. Here are three such herbal supplements to explore.

Fu Ling

A type of mushroom sometimes called Poria, Fu Ling is a supplement that has many uses in Chinese medicine. Most of these are connected to mental and emotional issues. The herb can be used to alleviate fatigue, nervousness, and stress. Since these feelings can sometimes contribute to weight gain or make weight loss a challenge, Fu Ling can indirectly help you lose weight. It can alleviate the anxiety that causes you to overeat. It can also help alleviate the fatigue that makes you less interested in working out. It can be tough to find Fu Ling capsules, so you may need to buy the herb loose and use it to brew a tea, which you can drink daily.

Shen Qu

In the U.S., you might find this herbal supplement sold as Massa Fermentata. It's actually a blend of herbs including apricot seed, artemisia, and mulberry leaves. The herbs are left to ferment before being packaged into supplements. Together, they are meant to help improve your digestion and assist with weight loss.

By calming the digestive system, Shen Qu can help ensure you absorb more nutrition from your food. This can help curb cravings and ensure your nutritional needs are met, even when you are eating less food in an attempt to lose weight. Shen Qu is not a supplement you will typically take long-term. Rather, you would take it for a few weeks at the beginning of your weight loss efforts, and then wean yourself off of it over a period of days.

Fan Hong Hua

Fan Hong Hua is a Chinese herb that is said to help support the liver and heart. In this way, it can indirectly help you to lose weight. By improving heart health, it can allow you to exercise more effectively, which will help you drop pounds faster. By improving liver function, it will help ensure your body is excreting the breakdown products of all the fat you're burning. Fan Hong Hua can usually be found in capsules in a health food store. You will need to take it several times per day for the best effects.

Look for these or other herbal weight loss supplements for sale and see if they can benefit you.