Tired Of Hospitals? Outpatient Therapies May Be The Answer

Posted on: 5 August 2018


After an accident, after a coma or a long-term illness that has kept you in a hospital, the last thing you want to do is stay a second longer. You want to go home, be someplace familiar and comforting. Medical care is changing to fit the patients and recognizing when "home" is more appropriate to healing than staying in a hospital. That said, talk to your doctor about going home, and these outpatient therapies.

Outpatient Physical Therapy 

If you live close enough to the hospital and have a way to get there from home, transitioning to outpatient physical therapy should not be difficult at all. In fact, most doctors are willing to acquiesce to this, so long as you meet your therapist per the recommended number of weekly treatment sessions. You may also be able to work on some therapy exercises at home or have a physical therapist help you at home if your health insurance covers it.

Outpatient Cognitive Therapy

Head traumas often leave people unable to think clearly or formulate words and sentences. Part of their cognitive processes is damaged, and therapy is necessary to restore these cognitive processes. You may or may not make the decision to go home, as a spouse or other adult family member may make that decision for you.

However, you and/or your caretaker can decide to have outpatient cognitive therapy a couple of hours each week. Usually, the sessions are an hour long each time, working on tasks to retrain your brain. The frequency and duration of therapy sessions shorten as your brain shows signs of healing, comprehension, and ability to function. Working on cognitive therapy tasks via everyday tasks at home can also help speed your healing and decrease the need for therapy sessions

Outpatient Drug Rehab Therapy

Most drug rehab patients spend a month or more in rehab before being released. They know that they cannot continue to remain clean and sober without support in the real world. They cannot stay in the hospital, and they cannot go without support. Hence, there are multiple drug rehab outpatient therapy programs. These include group meetings and methadone clinics for people who are/were chronic methamphetamine users. If this is the kind of outpatient therapy you need, your doctor can give you a list of clinics and group support meetings, times, and places to help you get on the right path and stay on the right path.