Supplements Can Help Keep Your Horse's Coat Shiny And Healthy Too

Posted on: 29 August 2017


Just like with humans, a horse's skin is their biggest organ and it must be maintained by feeding them a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals. A horse's skin helps protect them and also regulates functions such as hydration and helps to keep your horse healthy. A horse's skin contains natural oils that the skin produces to help keep it soft and pliable. How can you help to keep your horse's coat healthy and shiny? Horse supplements, plus a good diet definitely go a long way.

Supplements Can Reduce Allergens

Just like with humans, horses can be prone to certain allergens which can then affect their skin. When a horse has healthy skin and hair, it protects them from the majority of allergens from penetrating their skin and potentially causing inflammation and causing their skin to itch – this condition is called sweet itch. A healthy skin and coat can also help to ward off bacterial and microbial infections which can give your horse a fever.

Protects Against Daily Grooming

While daily grooming after a good workout session or hard work day for a horse might feel welcome and relaxing, it does put stress on their skin and coat. Just like with humans, sweating, brushing and washing their skin does take away part of the natural protective nature of their skin and leave it feeling dry, cracked and vulnerable to bacteria. Supplements can help restore those nutrients and vitamins that are lost during the course of daily grooming and even through a tough workload for your horse, helping to keep them healthy and strong.

Combine Diet and Supplements

To keep your horse healthy with a beautiful shiny coat, combine a good, healthy diet with tailored supplements to the type of workload they will be doing. A horse should have a diet rich in Vitamin D to help them absorb calcium to keep their bones strong. Vitamin A helps to keep their immune system strong and helps to promote their night vision, and Vitamin E is a great antioxidant that is important to their overall health.

If your horse isn't getting the necessary vitamins and minerals from their diet alone, and many do not, supplements can help to fix any shortfalls in their diet. When buying your supplements, check the label to ensure it contains the right mixture of minerals and vitamins and in the correct amounts for your horse's needs. For more information, contact companies like Forest Farmacy.