The Exciting Prospects Of CBD

Posted on: 28 June 2017


If you haven't heard of the exciting applications and prospects of Cannabidiol (CBD), you could be missing out on life-changing information. CBD is being studied and found to be effective at helping individuals widely manage symptoms, alleviate pain, and treat illnesses. Talk with your provider about how CBD might be used to augment your current medical regimen, and how it could be incorporated into your treatment plan.

Some exciting things to know about CBD include:

CBD does not contain THC. While Cannabidiol oil is part of the cannabis plant, it does not contain the THC that recreational users seek. CBD has no side-effects, which makes it well-tolerated among patients, including children or the elderly. CBD is non-sedating, so it doesn't impair daily function.

CBD helps with mood. CBD impacts mood, including treating anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders effectively. CBD stimulates receptors in the brain that regulate mood, so it can be a viable alternative to pharmacological medications for many.

CBD induces sleep. Another reported use of cannabidiol products is to induce sleep, which is great news for those with insomnia. Additionally, people that suffer with restless-leg syndrome (RLS) can find relief and less nerve discomfort with CBD oil products. CBD has also been shown to help individuals with neuropathy pain that stems from diabetes or injury.

CBD aids diabetics. As mentioned, CBD shows promise in treating diabetes symptoms like RLS and neuropathy, but it also can positively impact glucose levels. This can aid diabetics struggling to maintain balanced glucose levels, and help the body produce an increase in its own insulin.

CBD relieves pain. Providers are turning to CBD to help patients with chronic pain management. Since pain medications can be sedating, addictive, and impairing, CBD offers a solution devoid of all these side-effects. CBD is currently being lauded as an effective means of treating fibromyalgia, which is a chronic pain condition.

CBD comes in various forms. When people think of cannabis, they might believe that they have to smoke it- not true. There are numerous forms and products of CBD oil that can be utilized- without taking a single puff! Gums, candies, lozenges, tinctures, vaporizing liquids, edibles, and even oral strips can provide the dosage of medicine needed, and to best manage underlying symptoms.

The future looks bright for CBD- as well as those individuals helped by the many amazing benefits of this product. Talk with your provider about how CBD might be used to treat your symptoms, as well as the best dosage for you.